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About Us

Home Care is one of the most highly in demand form of service these days. It can be expensive to enroll your loved one inside an assisted living facility or nursing home and for those suffering from chronic conditions.

Agape Care – Home Care Agency offers a much cheaper alternative. And the best thing about it is that the services are just offered at home – where clients feel most comfortable. Nothing beats the nostalgia that the four walls of your house brings. Parting from it would be similar to taking out a big part of your life too.

We earned our Medicaid Certification on August 26, 2004 and officially launched the facility on October 1, 2004 with very pleasing outcomes. And by 2005, we began adding Non-Relative Personal Care Providers and Homemakers to our base of Relative Personal Care Service team when we first started.

Exemplary care is what we stand up for. So while your loved one is still with you, giving him or her the care he or she so deserves is undoubtedly worth the while. Let Agape Care – Home Care Agency see you through in this pursuit. We guarantee a highly personalized approach both in assessing the client’s needs and planning for his or her care plan, since every client is unique with their own set of preferences.

When it comes to the perfect example of love, Agape Care – Home Care Agency is always leading. With its wide array of services including companionship, homemaking, respite care and personal care, you are ensured of your loved one’s welfare.

For more information about us and our services, kindly contact us at 970-283-3820.

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